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Generative modeling

  • Generative Modeling for Blender introduces new ways of thinking of using blender in architectural design through the means of end user scripting.
  • The use of generative modeling is becoming more and more popular in the arts and architecture, and blender + python seems to be capable in generative modeling.

Generative Modeling Tool for Blender

  • The generative modeling tool integrates in blender tools with a simple gui.
  • The generative modeling tool gui needs to be a graphical algorithm editor in order to be fully utilized by architects and designers alike.
  • The tool can be used in the exploration of the design process in form-finding and derivation of new design concepts through the end user input and manipulation of data.
  • The popular tools used in generative modeling in architecture where we can get some inspiration are grasshopper from rhino3d link1 link2 and MEL from maya link